Things you may also need
-fresh pig up to 175lb (we sell pigs too)
-ice to keep pig fresh (15-20 bags)
-cooler or tarp for pig
-charcoal (80lbs. max)
-lighter fluid
-roaster pans for meat
-rubber gloves
-metal can for grease collection
-putty knife / paint scraper for cleaning
-garbage cans for scraps and bones
How to roast a pig in your backyard
   1. Spread the charcoal inside the 
   2.  Soak coals with lighter fluid and light 
until the charcoal edges turn gray.
   3.  Lay the pig on the roaster pan.
   4.  place the roaster pan into the roaster.
   5.  Close the lid. Opening the lid
increases cooking time, so it's a good
idea to keep the lid closed.
   6. Cooking time is by the size of the pig.
   7. After cooking begin slicing & serving
your hog for your guest to enjoy.
Click here to watch the tutorial on YouTube
- 2" ball to transport trailer
- Credit card number
- $100 cash deposit (returned on 
delivery of clean roaster).

This hooded pig roaster will hold up to a 175 lb pig.  You can also grill burgers, chicken, kebabs, well...just about anything you can put on a grill.  The roaster features two removable work tables for easy cooking.  It is light and easy to move around the backyard.  This roaster boasts a 54" x 26" cooking surface (over 1400 square inches!).   Reserve Now!

$100 rental
with the purchase of a pig
*regular price $150/ 2 day rental
pig roaster

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